We appreciate your time and the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Rush Resources was founded in 2007 by my father and I. We genuinely share a lifelong friendship established on mutual respect, wholehearted trust, and a compelling desire to make progress that benefits our surroundings.

With over 60 years of diversely combined experience, my father with +45yrs. and myself with +17yrs., we have been blessed with countless opportunities to build genuine relationships with extremely talented individuals who commonly share similar moral beliefs and characteristics. We are grateful for their mutual trust in us and our teams’ keen interest in exceeding expectations of our clients. We have extreme confidence in our
resources and we are proud for them to represent us.

Our diverse experience in various industries enables us to offer our clients a unique systematic approach to solving technical challenges. We urge clients to engage us in discussions as early as project conception to offer our knowledge and various potential solutions to explore best options to accomplish objectives as efficiently as possible. We offer insight to clients to express our mutual interest in favorable results.

We have successfully contributed to managing and executing many industrial construction projects ranging from small to large magnitude (mega-projects) from concept to completion. We are confident our services will
positively impact your bottom-line and contribute to your success.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!
John Rush Jr.
Founder CEO