Industrial Technical Services

Commissioning | Instrumentation & Electrical | Rotating Equipment

Construction Management Services

Rush Resources specializes in Commissioning & Startup (Completions), Instrumentation, Electrical, Rotating Equipment specialty services, and Construction Project Management (Owner-Reps).

Rush Resources is a highly dynamic industrial services organization which provides solutions to clients in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Power Generation (Nuclear & Fossil), Refinery/Chemical and other industries. We are an organization of individuals that possess high integrity, character, and respect.

Rush Resources’ associates are some of the most highly sought after individuals in our industry due to our level of experience and ability to work with others to achieve goals safely and efficiently.

Rush Resources genuinely understands the value of all relationships, and we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to meeting you to discuss how our partnership will contribute to your success!